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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.
June 2006, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed. Leader Of Al Qaeda Iraq, Killed By Special Operations Forces In Hibhib, Iraq After Igniting A Sunni-Shia Civil War In Iraq.
December 2007, Al-Basra Governate. A Multi-Province Autonomous Region, Like Kurdistan In The North, The Shia Dominated Southern Region Of Iraq Is Led By Groups With Deep And Longstanding Ties To Tehran.
June 2009, Status Of Forces Agreement. Internal Relations Between The Three Principle Ethnic Groups Shi'a, Kurd And Sunni, Grows Steadily More Volatile Driven By Spikes Of Crime And Sectarian Violence.
October 2013, Exit Iraq. Conventional Us Forces Complete Withdrawal From Iraq, Leaving A Vacuum Of Power That Tehran Quickly Occupies.
November 2013, The Islamic State. Born From The Ashes Of Al-Zarqawi's, Al-Qaeda In Iraq The Islamic State Capitalizes On The Chaos Of The Syrian Civil War To Establish Control Of Territory Inside Of Syria.
June 2014, The Next Iraq War. The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria(Isis) Enters Iraq Seizing Large Swathes Of Territory, Including Key Hydrocarbon Producing Regions In The Northwest.
December 2017, Post Iraq. Iraq Splinters Into Kurdistan In The North And Iranian Controlled, Basran In The South.
December 2017, Foreign Internal Defense by Proxy. PMCS Are Contracted To Conduct Combat Operations By The Gcc And Usg Against The Islamic State In Support Of The New Kurdish Nation-State
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